Joe jesimiel Ogbe is a prolific author, Youth Minister, Educationist, and Senior Pastor at Greathouse Mandate Church, Lagos, Nigeria.

He is the Founder/ President of Young Disciples International (YDI), a nondenominational and nongovernmental Christian youth Ministry committed to reaching out to young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and mentoring successor leaders.

Sometime in 1994, while in PR/Advertising business, Pastor Joe Jesimiel started sensing a call of God to reach out to greater number of young people  with the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially those at risk, not just to those under his tutelage in church. Then he was a youth pastor in Living Faith Church, aka Winners chapel, Lagos.  He even toyed with the idea of using an office space at Johet Communications Ltd, a company which he co-founded with his wife, Hettie to attend to the youth on the street.

In 1995, he organized a three day prayer retreat with some brethren at Redemption Camp to seek the face of God concerning his vision. After the retreat he was moved to share the vision with his mentor and father in ministry, Bishop David Oyedepo who readily blessed and encouraged him. By December 31, 1995, he and his wife were commissioned into full time ministry.

January 30, 1996 a month after the commissioning, a take off ceremony was conducted by Bishop David Oyedepo and the doors of YDI were opened to young people.

Pastor Joe jesimiel sees education as a ministry to mould great destinies, hence the establishment of  WITTY CLASS ACADEMY, where he serves as the Proprietor.

Pastor Joe jesimiel believes in the power of the printed word. The Bible says, “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” Ps. 68:11
He demonstrated his belief by establishing Young Disciples Press, a publishing house which has been saddled with the onerous responsibility of publishing his several life transforming titles such as:  The Youth God Uses, Essentials of Career choice, Get motivated who says you can’t make it?, Teenagers and  Relationships, Pathways to a Blissful Courtship, Understanding Courtship and Premarital Issues, Youth and Friendship, Strategies for Stress- free Relationship, Questions that Singles Ask, How to obtain Favour from God and man, Can Boys and Girls also go to Hell?, Youth and Opportunity, Child Neglect: is the church guilty? Etc

Pastor Joe Jesimiel and his wife, Hettie live in Lagos, Nigeria, with their children, Jesse, David, and Bode.