At the Greathouse Mandate Church, we believe God designed marriage to be enjoyed, not to be endured or tolerated! To us, marriage is not just a social contract between two people; rather it is an emotional, physical and spiritual union between one man and one woman. Emotional in the sense that the couple, male and female, each with different attributes, join together in life; each assisting the other, nurturing and caring for one another, affirming and guiding one another – in essence, completing the other. Physical in the sense that marriage is procreative – two separate biological beings blending together to create what neither can create on their own: children. And lastly, spiritual in the sense that we are made for this partnership that places the interest of the other above self – a relationship that ultimately exemplifies God’s sacrificial love toward each of us and His bride: the church.

Our GREAT COUPLES MINISTRY is driven by the conviction that healthy and blissful marriages are central and fundamental to the existence of the church and to the development of a Godly and prosperous society. Hence, our resolve to promoting harmony and bliss in marriages via a concerted and God inspired ministry.


To see every married couple happy and fulfilled.


– To deliberately empower married couples to position their marriage relationships in a way that glorifies God.

– To organise seminars and workshops to share information and experiences that will help couples to learn and grow.

– To Facilitate programs which address fundamental marriage issues such as intimacy, communication, finances, raising-up children, relating with in-laws etc.

– To Facilitate social events that promote bonding or oneness such as banquets, camps, picnics and group tours.

– To Provide support and specialised mentoring and counselling services to couples.


1. Marriage Seminars and Workshops

We shall organise Seminars and Workshops with a view to sharing information that help equip marriages.

2. Great Couples Banquets/Retreats/ Camps

We shall consciously organise Great Couples Banquets/Retreats/Camps to promote bonding and social interaction.

3.  Marriage Enrichment

Marriage enrichment events shall be held with a small group of couples (5-7) to share experiences and fundamental topics that help enrich their marriages. Group tours such as boat cruise shall also be undertaken to create wonderful memories for couples.

4. Marriage Restoration Services

From time to time the church shall organise special services designed to restore, revive and deliver troubled marriages.


Senior Pastors, Joe jesimiel and Henrietta Ogbe shall avail themselves to helping married couples find happiness and fulfillment in their marriage relationships through deliberate and concerted mentoring and counselling.

Would you not rather take advantage of this priviledge?

For Marriage Mentoring/ Counselling:

Call:  08023124455 for appointment only